Friday, 4 December 2015

Eager is the Earth to Revenge

“Seated Woman” by Pablo Picasso (1908)

Blend into nature, the bleeding of trees shedding their bark, of the logs of wood
Waiting to be carved
Triangle kneecaps support thighs of odd construction
There is no such thing as even complexion for those who live their lives rough
The face is the most peaceful when caressed, by the hand, that feeds the mouth
Smiles are the conception of a compassionate force  
A lifestyle is a trend for a fleeting influence before they’ll abandon again
And hunt another tribe
Running is never a permanent escape

There is no reference for aim in the long distance
Another log rumbles the ground
The chainsaw, is man’s weapon against nature and himself
Himself more
When he abuses the trust of those deprived of speech, he deprives himself of loyalty
Fidelity is in the structure of the root
That bares the leaves of contrasting characters, that die too quickly
A season is never enough to express the entire story
Of experience unknown to the man who abuses the chainsaw

The massacre is a mascot
For the competitive
They carved their eyes unevenly, so as to turn them blind, when necessary
Always look away, to save the self first
It is more important to obtain innocence
The influence of destruction can strip the soul to its core
A naked soul is of no use
When nature frowns upon mankind there is no such thing as mercy