Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Corrections of the Compass

“La Célestine (La Femme à la taie)” (La Celestina (The woman with a cataract) by Pablo Picasso (1904)

There’s no empathy for those who wonder and get lost in the woods
The old woman says you better take good care of yourself before you’re no good
And no one else will volunteer
To clean after and be your guard
Of the horrendous odour that comes naturally or by intention
The punishment for yourself above all else
We all know about the escape but only few are brave enough
Conquer the route,
Where again, we might see the clouds instead of the trees and the leaves
We never thought we could despise with so much passion

The bush is on fire
Because you are too impatient to see it terminate its own destruction
Birds eat our breadcrumbs like ants enjoy the ecstasy of sugar
There was a centipede inside my eye
We beg too much
And long for objects not worth having
The begging about
The superior is sick of our whining
We better find other ways to express our sadness, or else they’ll never listen at all
There’s something placed around our shoulders

A physical burden is the easiest to deal with, in our experience  
How do they expect us to untie knots we never did
Justice is for the weak
There’s never been a winner on the grounds of dignity to roam free
We will fall again
Until the soil can swallow our faces
A whole
In the face, is so confronting to be seen with, for others to see
For my fingers to feel
Whenever I touch my face, I want to abandon my body forever