Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Colourful Mood Swings of the Mental

“Seated Woman (Marie-Therese)” by Pablo Picasso (1937)

Get stitches for eating too much
Your appetite is boundless like the seas we have to share
Your hips are bounded by stripes of the horizontal variety to ensure the contents
Stay in tact
You're always so high and so low simultaneously 
A broad brim hat is only good for disguise
On some occasions
Overexposure will undermine almost anything, your identity included
Wear your attitude with reservation
It’s easier to cause offence than we think and take for granted
The compliments of people we know and assume strangers are always truthful  
They’re only drawn to the pictures
Never the words
So there’s no point for good literature

Human flaws are one of the most seductive
Points of conversation
We’re afraid to ask questions so we think and answer them internally
It seems your nose and your eye align on the same brushstroke
Is that supposed to be the way you’re breathing
Or will this cause an interruption, to the pattern you take for granted, also
Among other things
Why is your skin blue
The children kept asking us why the sky was blue so we replied
The sky is blue because the grass is green
The grass is green because the sun is yellow and colour is a weapon
You’ll learn to use them wisely

Live before you paint from memory
When constructing fiction
Always base the villain on someone you already know
To entertain yourself
Is more important than the reader, because you’ll always be the one to read it
They will say that they like your work
Then they find the flaws and disguise disgust in suggestions
Packaged with humble wrinkles of a face struggling not to frown
Be permanently cautious
The nose is a weapon you’ll hate to clean the consequences of