Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Auditions For Child Actors

“Les Baladins” (Mother and Child, Acrobats) by Pablo Picasso (1904–05)

The feud between a mother and son is the hardest to watch
It is also unnecessary
But whenever they do, it becomes a competition of who can mute themselves for longer
It’s music for those surprised
But torture for those imprisoned, it’s not worth talking about when it is obvious
There’ll always be food on the table
Regardless of whether you like it or not
You must eat if you want to win
If you win
You’ve stolen victory from those more deserving  
The throne they sit you on was made from hours of hard labour

The kind of labour you’ll never be employed for
But if you’re unlucky it’s the one you might hear about every so often
She checks on you when you least expect her to
Who pours in the fuel to keep the fire going when
We’re all asleep
Peace comes over in delicate sheets of short timeframes
It’s dreading the routine that keeps you in bed until you are ridden
Until they hang you out to dry with the dirty laundry
On the clothes line
There is no such thing as discrimination

You’re always hungry at the wrong time
And you never eat when you’re supposed to because you are an actor
Remember to please the director with enthusiasm even if forged
You will get credit for it anyway
At the end of the film they don’t even applause
Because they expect the conclusion so there is no surprise
For elements predictable
They will close the curtains to block out the sun
It is always so harsh and so demanding on mortal beings   
In all honesty
The feud will be over
Before you are even ready to see the audience for the last time
They'll bow first