Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Appointments For Those Not Here Yet

“Two Sisters (The Meeting)” by Pablo Picasso (1902)  

Abortion is never our topic of discussion by choice when we’re carrying the young
We feel so much safer
We still have to comfort, where the duty is due to fill in the silence
With words we’re not sure we agree with
It’s hard not to be fought against either way
When the baby comes kicking inside the guts
A protest is a protest inside or outside
It doesn’t necessarily take a cloud to rain
The truth is the truth; regardless of the debate the little youngster is alive

So many times we’ve seated down at dinners for two
We haven't been like this, of not having to be alone
On our own terms
There are no guidelines for denial
Opinions are formed when faces like these once experienced the same cycles
We’re too scared to say what we really think
All the time
There is no right answer in a debate
But what would the superiors say
And for what reason do they let us decide, why hasn’t the response come back
They've been waiting for so long

Babies weren’t just born for crying, or we would all be crying with them
We haven't the heart to do to them what they would not do to us
The unthinkable
So we hope anyway
They say it’s so much easier to assume, when we know it won’t happen to us
But we beg anyway for another chance
For compassion to be with us in all our agony
Bless you... seems so inadequate for a sneeze
But for some reason, we’re thankful now