Thursday, 12 November 2015

What The Hell

Historical paintings and biblical
Stories will depict hell
As a place engulfed in flames
It is not. It is filled with faux-leather seating
Passive receptionists
And a stubborn redhead
Who roams around the room
Refusing to relieve patients with ice packs due to their
“High demand” 
Hell is here and

It is fierce
It ignores you 
Whenever it can
It glares at you from the shadows of dim-lit hallways
And ridicules you
It sounds of sick people coughing
Enthusiastically groaning
And the faint and fake laughter of T.V. presenters
Hell smells
Like acidic farts and cheap cologne

Covered in cobwebs
For centuries old
The silk that is barely strong enough anymore
For flies but dust
To choke the lungs and kidneys and eyes that witness
The scene 
Where children crawl on the carpet
With bare hands to then feed themselves after
Bacteria by the bucket-load
Hell is supposed to be healing for
The soul
Or it is supposed to be burning
So why the, what the
Where the hell am I