Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Visiting Hours of the Walnut Ward

Be not afraid of heights
For we are climbing the minds of the dead human kind
Slip and slide off the dirty route
The dirt of tracks of dirty thoughts that must have been
A morbid craving of social disgust
The disconnection of the signal from the directory
Discuss the gossip of nothing made into something out of
Rubbish the mouth that mumbles
The nasty lips that twist and turn around the corner
A popping blood vessel
Spills the beans of the brain
A roasted walnut
Coated in blood paint two more coats
For protection the skeleton shell
A crab shell is not always orange except the curiosity that lurks around the next
Another blood vessel dies in dramatic
A popping
A fountain of walnuts spill from the stove
Like popcorn roasting
Inside the hard-shell head
Of the had been human
Cling tight onto these walls of timber bone
The gloss of the surface a gateway to sleeping
Slip into injury
The brain popping in slow motion roasted for no particular reason
Another blood vessel bursts
Blooding blues the unique
Staircase around another corner the monster accusing the visitors us
Of trespassing
Now pop the vessels on purpose the vessel for thought
Don’t think just do
Luscious popcorn walnut roasting carnival
Peak hour for rowing the row of your boats on the brain
Down the blood vessel stream
Bumpers over the blood frozen bubbles
A bomb or two for tourist attraction
Cling on tight this is not the mountain you were
Expecting to mount a brain instead and instead
Indeed you are inside the quiet of
The human brain
Free entry
Free of charge take what you want for free evermore free forever