Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Unfortunately The Sunken Fortune

Too much marching to eager a clearance
Of the squad of the security members
Remember to secure a seat on the forefront
At the fluorescent venue of the very important persons lounge
The entertainment
By tarnished reputation
Ready yourself to shed plasma on the green carpet table
Rolling the dice what are the chances of getting sick of handsome people
What is with the fashion of appearing fucked up
Shuffle the brain with fingers unfathomable enough to puncture the skin
Of the deal weakling  
There is no such thing as a dealer good for a fair win
A pleasant drawing
Deal with it nicely or be dealt with
A jackass to blow up your brains on the celling
Against the screens
Illuminated with the indecisive digits
Count down on calendars
Ordered unfairly
In odd pairs a king and a queen make love under the table
Guarded by loafer legs
Laced with
High polish for the posh that
Conceive with purpose to multiple their wealth
Around the counter the world is stiff and waiting
For cheques to catch their colds immediately
Cash instead
The frowns of losers
Stood behind
Broad egos and a velvet shoulder to soak up the grief of failure a loss
Too great for faces too small to illustrate
The blossoming of expressions as heavy as
A heaven collapsing
On all fours
Hide the shame underneath sweaty palms the scent to deter
An unthinkable solution of the ambiguous
The more sinister
Meditate for another day yet to practice the patience of
Sought after
The roulette table                                                      
Assign the correct sentence
Rolled wisely for the justice of the death of a dying die