Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Unbothered and Unchanging the Attitude Towards Everything

Stay away from the foul players of being alive
The writer will always be the biggest victim in his own stories and those of others
For what other way can he reward himself if his career can barely pay the rent or
Put food on the table
For strangers who deserve to be your friends and company
Blood is thicker than water and also useless because it can’t keep you hydrated
And therefore alive
So ignore those bloody idiots that treat you bad and abuse your loyalty
You are supposed to be more than just a bridge to be crossed over
So cross them off your Christmas list
Saint Nicholas wouldn’t endorse the notion of pleasing the devil anyway
Burn! In hell, you bastard
We live for smoked salmon and crackers
They can kill you with their thighs the calories of them turkey legs
Treat yourself with moderation and watch your waistline always
A meal is never worth dying for, or over
Your body is all you have and now I sound like a fitness coach, I’m not   
The body is really just a bag for human waste when you think about it
You might not want to eat anymore
Feast instead on the unhealthy gazes of judgmental passengers on transportation
Those customers crossing their legs on spare seats like dogs taking a leak to mark
Their territory
Sometimes our dogs are more civilized than we
How is this cultivated society, we have no right to critique the third world
We donate to make ourselves feel good and we’re thankful for the existence of those
To remind us of how privileged we are
For a few minutes only before we find trivial defects to complain about again
And again
This cycle is even more tedious than counting the patches of sweat from men in tailored suits
When they raise their arms up to clutch on handles of bacteria breeding grounds
Who ride the tram with briefcases and folded newspapers in slanted halves
The mobile phones wedged between ear and shoulder
We’ll jump off at the next stop to get rid of these blood-sucking mosquitos
From observation it can be concluded that flies appear to be more attracted to darker clothing
The Australian bush boasts populations of insects we cannot forgive
The air should be diluted with insect repellent naturally and evolution ensure we are resistant
To this phenomenon
What is with the culture of flies looking for shit all the time