Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ugly Giant Goes On Adventure of a Lifetime

It is always a pleasure to star in the overthrow of the monarchy
The beheading of the wacky king the incompetent ruler of the empire
There is no measure to such stupidity
But the dreadful number of offspring 
The innocence of those children born to the nation’s bastard
Hardly equipped to resolve the poverty and suffering
Of the peasant
The how to act effectively to resolve the frustration
Those consistently threaten the throne
Of which will now be sat on by butts of a million people 
And more
We will sing the national anthem for one last time
With clean razors
Shave your neck of baby hairs
For no more heirs to come
And torture us
The majority
Us the suppressed
Us of your ruling
The unjust lacking of your character to be our
Supreme leader
Like other kings buoyant and sure
So us the people, who now, in power of your head and your neck
We will lie on our bats and hit out of the field
Your dickhead flung
As far as possibility permits
Never be head of state again
Enjoy the fresh air while it lasts
Before the sky
All hails!
On you
The final farewell