Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Reservation

From normal 
To American Psycho
In ten seconds
The voice of the hypocrite we never want to hear again
Turn a page in the newspaper for a different headline 
Keep turning until you find one to suit 
Your taste
The newspaper is a menu
No different to those in restaurants

Where psychos 
Wine and dine
Namely, Dorsia’s
Find me a seat
On your reservation 
And book the items off the menu
Like heads falling from the neck of the woods 
No, I did not just watch American Psycho
Even though it is my favourite movie 
But I will move on from this subject 
If it ruins your appetite 

To think about 
Being the bait for
All the crazy pedestrians crossing the street right now
Plotting murders inside their heads worthy of headlines in your 
Shooting bullets from one street corner to another 
Down the desperate footpath 
As one empty shell ricochets off a brick wall 
It is scary to think
You could be seated next to one of these people right now
Wherever you are

Riding the train
Riding the bus
Riding the taxi
Or the person you’re riding could be just as creepy 
We just would never know
But please 
Don’t let these images ruin your appetite
They are merely food for thought 
So happy feasting

Just don't waste your meal 
When you can give it to the homeless man
Who is, by the way, completely harmless
Just say hello
Instead of running past 
Or directly into the arms of 
The real psycho instead
Who knows