Saturday, 7 November 2015

Royal Consequence

Who founded the Ancien Regime
A monarch to reign divine
By the grace of God
The dismissal of the Paris Parlement
A contribution to the creation of revolutionary 
Action in France 
Louis XVI, the legend the gun 
The trigger of the rebellion of the independent 
Assemble outside the opulent palace
Above the French, the flag, befall 
A crisis to reinforce the restrictions of 

Royal power 
Take a break for bourgeois growth, in numbers and wealth 
The scum for a dose of calcium  
Power in politics 
Shall reflect the substantial amount of
Taxes paid to the Crown by the bourgeoisie 
Swear by the tax farmers
A population distributed 
Scarcely across The Three Estates
Tailored for privileged convenience  

Kick the climbers off the social ladder 
Privileged are those born on the First
Sick are those of blue faces, those of which are enforced 
The burden of taxes on bony shoulders
Obey the supreme power 
Of French Kings, singing in French, inside thousands of courts
Where is God now 
In the face of freedom, as they kick your head
Through football fields
The Champ de Mars Green in the showers of royal bleeding