Saturday, 14 November 2015

Quivering Stigma

The art of keeping calm 
The barking dog with its leash too tight around its neck 
Is hope on its way
How do we laugh in times of mourning
Teach us the dumb the method of suppressed laughter 
Vandalize on foreheads the punishment according to sin  
Careful not to give away 
Too much the risk of being bore transparent in the sea of people
Someone whose life couldn’t easily acquire 
Insight of
The greatest difficulty 
Is always the dialogue
Since the majority of characterisation is illustrated through the interactions
According to the unique set of obligations 
In each context
A lot of the symbolism is designed to implicitly 
Give clues about sunflowers 
Are said to represent pure thoughts and loyalty
If a gun is to be introduced in the story it should carry some sort of significance
Later on

The reality that is not 
The experience to be understood or sympathised with
Not just because of the diversity of circumstances that bring about it
But because it is one of the unique human 
That society condemns 
The anecdote of the worker who says they feel authority
Whenever they strip
They capitalize on our desire to be famous
And significant
When we really are not nor can ever become
Therefore the action at the start of the story is a nod to this notion
They have no intention to change the way the world looks
Down on us 
They will spray bullets
To collect the blood
They will pour over 

Our life
Is insignificant we will learn 
On a daily basis
Not all teachers are fit for teaching 
When they walk onto our bodies scattered about on the dirty floor
Starving to be mopped then soaked in poison cleaners 
If we want
They can be our biggest hecklers
Money is just the medium to acquire the real power of 
The exchange
Some people have to work extra hard and long
Hours will past eventually in the pain or pleasure according to the person 
For the fleeting time that they can afford
How foolish of them to even invest their stinking sweat 
It is also not uncommon for those who are seeking to be deflowered
So should we utilise this frequently that is their stupidity 
Instead of defending the connotations of exploitation 
That the media has long enforced
For our daily feeding