Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Perhaps the World’s Most Parodied Painting

It’s got to be so groovy at the Louvre where Picasso reigns supreme
And Mona Lisa is still looking for a husband
After all this time the sea is still not choking up
The candidates that flash their lenses at her on a daily basis
Leave those electronic gizmos bigger than your actual heads at home
It isn’t a pretty sight and also, she needs to breathe as well, behind those thick glasses
We’re left wondering whether she could see us staring back at her as she glances
Three hundred and sixty degrees at us, she is pretty much god
Mona Lisa isn’t beautiful
The key to success is to pluck your eyebrows as illustrated, in order to empahsise foreheads
Spanning five foot long
If only Leonardo da Vinci painted Lisa on a longer canvas we wouldn’t be so disappointed
Maybe he’s getting punished for it somewhere along the levels below us
Lisa seems so satisfied via that carefully smeared on smirk
What could she possibly be thinking as a representation of a species
Capable of coherent thought
How does one keep a straight face for so long
What would she say to abuse free speech like so many of us do
It isn’t real the value we place on such objects only increases as we blindly indulge behind
Footsteps of those who browsed through the halls before us
It’s surprising they even permit photos inside the hallway of worship
It is a sin to lose a staring competition with god
But it is always rigged
By nature we are curious enough to book flights and hotels and the accommodation
To the city that never sleeps, in the same fashion that all the other capitals call themselves  
To stand before this, but for what is it standing for
Art is so delirious
We’re all dumb or so some artists would accuse who think their artworks million times better
Too bad they were born in the wrong time
Picasso would suffer more competition today
But I love Picasso and everyone thinks of Picasso when they’re asked to name a famous artist
He’s the only artist we know but didn’t know
I admire the birth of the blue paintings
The Blind Man’s Meal makes me desire ownership on the walls of my own house
An artificial copy; no one knows what’s real and fake these days
It’s getting harder to distinguish an article from an ad
People are strange, stranger than strangers in general
The Old Guitarist of late 1903 and early 1904 is another favourite who also appears blind
The skeletons capable of strumming chords no matter what the season
Picasso is a genius
And Mona Lisa wishes she had some eyebrows 
If only Frida Kahlo was still alive to grant that wish
It is a human right