Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Orchestrated Feeding

Harlequin and his Girl-Friend (Wandering Gymnasts) by Pablo Picasso (1901)

A table set for two people
Waiters who fold the napkin aplenty to absorb
Effective the shame of sweat tears
Into champagne glasses
A tasteless collection 
The bar where the music is the only hope for conversation
Fully-fledged adults
Slouched together
Stitched at the shoulders where frowns occupy facial expressions of pure boredom
Venomous are the beverages
Soaked on sealing lips

In case of civil assault dial the bartenders near and far
The importance of posture 
All ready prepared for the offensive
The pedestal of a head, monumental as a piece of art, secured onto a rough neck
Enriched with mountain rocks
Hung off different angles as cold as ice
The brain that ponders the morbid suggestion, the temptation to examine 
In the deficiency of joy
The magnificence of escape, elsewhere 
The broken bridge of the collapsing nose

Engross second hand smoke
The question on flame of who should leave first
The hand responsible for the cigarette, will clutch fingers of four at a time
To frame the face
With vigorous intention
The desperation to flee the cage of wisdom unfounded and error 
Conscriptions of forced dating
Exhale the ostentatious
A sigh of freedom
Otherwise reserved for occasions
Not specified