Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Mind Your Own Business

A businessman is always grumpy
Because he must always look serious
Seriously ready for business as he vehemently exits
The conference
The client meeting
The hotel lobby 
The office 
Even the house
It is not a mask
It is his face and humans cannot peel off their faces

Neither can dogs
Which a Businessman will always be an owner of 
The royal breeding whose barking is the equivalent of music 
On Gucci leashes 
Treated to showers and spas more often than 
The average human being
Who feast on diets with more nutrition and protein
Than that of the average person
Nametags engraved in sterling silver, read:
Roger, Raymond, Ray, Robert, Ryan, Ronnie 
The repertoire of Royalty 

The life of the Businessman revolves around 
The world of everyone else and 
The celebrity circus
He is never one for small talk 
Not even if the taxi driver is decent
His transportation is always 
The most tedious part
The elevator is always crowded
He sneezes from the heavy dosage of someone’s perfume 
He curses for no good reason

There is no such thing 
As justification 
For his harsh or humble pursuits 
There is no need for an explanation 
The greatest wealth of the Businessman is 
His reputation 
Which also happens to be his face
Which the taxi driver is staring at in the mirror 
As we speak.  
Could you please turn down the radio?
I’d like some quiet if you don’t mind.