Monday, 2 November 2015

Made in Italy

Shopping inside
The Prada store
Dying to flat out on the softest carpet
Far out
Come inside so we can judge you

Green are the sofas
Suited men for suit fittings
A lazy face hangs on the wall suppress the yawn
Or risk a lawsuit by the hour
Ya might as well crawl inside
Next door

Brains destroyed by halves
Wrapped in scarves
Of silk
Resurrect from such destruction
As separate spheres
Of consciousness
Sifting through the echoes of voices  
O deep men

This is why I need to be rich
To buy black leather belts
And pull my parents out of poverty
Planting trees to shed money 
For mental torment 

Falling out with your family
Into a dump of trash bags 
Or dust bags
For bamboo Gucci
Bank accounts craving

Who says it was tobacco
The bad luck that robs you of
In envelopes