Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Jackpot Thirsty

Sitting cross-legged like culture you ought to possess  
Hide under the blouse that sweeps the floor
Triggers chequered
A pounding
The punter says kill yourself slowly in your body your bread and butter
Resist the temptation of food presentation
Multicolour enticement excruciating to watch and smell
So great your honour
So great your yearning  
So great you convulse into short bursts of
Mental spasms
Famine yourself for the profits of fame
Magnificent the road
Our lives permanently borrowed a fit for the lifeless
We are dead approximately
Living's an extraction of an experience of excursion for the dead or nearly so
So stay in your lane
Enforced speed cameras afar the flash starting
Fines for fine dining
Ring the bells of betting on grand prize 
Suck at the breast that nurtures the immature
Eyes glancing glance glanced in disgust
Watering of anger offended damp the influential disease
Of discrimination against mothers
Feeding young
Nibble one
The milk from the breast sadly pink sour a sight
Full on
For people aged aging forget the source of once
Original their food
Original is never desirable the mass popularity
Of the mainstream feed off each other’s
Taste a liking for nipples hid to prevent offence
They and them are so offensive the children fool
Full the children