Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Inglorious Dieting

There is quite a lot of shame associated with the ritual of sharing too much information
The regret midway does nothing to change the circumstances of cheeks flashing red
There is no remedy 
The heat of which that could fry eggs on their own accord
Hello hardly impresses the new encounter so opt for something more radical
A handshake is intimidating if done properly
And a marriage is a massacre of all sorts of self worth
Sign on the dotted line
Two slaves on contract, the sphere that bounds the volunteers of selflessness
Children are our greatest victims regardless of intention
The denominator of human suffering is inequality
Does it really make you proud to give birth to monsters 
Those vile creatures deprived of culture, who skulk, who creep
On the dysfunctional nervous systems
The medusa head that suffocates your neck with the strands of snake
Hissing like anthems 
In horror film
Everyone would rather play the protagonist but privilege is what determines these roles
You have to wait like the rest of us
Who gives the director his powers like god he is pretty much that much authority
As well as the chair that we crave
To squash
There are buildings of mountains inside, collapsing once in an orange moon from exhaustion
Why do we insure material and objects man-made when we have no substitution for ourselves
Our brains are grinded on the machines of capital punishment
Our blood becomes the oil 
The submission of our free will and fear is what they want if we give long enough
They will always thieve 
Exploitation is a wonderful one-way negotiation
For some
When threatened, the sovereign can spray his venom up to twenty meters into the air
Clever people are so reserved to the information we feed them
For they are full of themselves