Tuesday, 3 November 2015

In case of Revolution

Trench coats for our soldiers
Fighting the fickle weather
Of heartless heads and conscription
The lieutenant who wages the war                                         
Inside trenches 
Soaked with fever
Sometimes we use quotation marks 
To quote ourselves, in case of backlash 
"Never overthink poetry, or it will out-think you"

Tying the tongue with ropes of French
Le temps de fleurs. Au revoir les enfants.
Nothing makes sense
But the Parisian palace
Where once lived a lady 
Who was merry whenever
They feasted her cake 

Close your textbooks
The Bastille we shall storm, again
On my birthday, in fits of literature
And re-write history
On the eleventh of May
With faces painted, ready for media
There is never enough in one revolution 
There will always be 
Someone left behind

I have never been to France
But take me there
So my dreams arrive at where they are meant
I want to be carried inside your luggage 
The briefcase that beefs your ego
Branded Vuitton