Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Hunter Hunger

Volatile and venomous
Vicious are the straightforward rhythms of nature
The flux of the tide
To carry the fish down the stream that weep not so silently 
The rock bed is extra rocky to finish their fins
Of those fish of excellent character
The expensive armor of silver scales to defend yourself against
The evil predator
On land
Patiently courts the chaos with proud posture cloaked with exotic fur 
Tempting to the skinners 
On hind legs crouching ready ever ready to snap his prey
In teeth of ten thousand inches those canines to tear into your flesh
Ripple your spine in factions of flamboyance
Your bones aren’t even a struggle to
Hardly your nerves will make you lose even faster
Pray to the spirits of the tide
For mercy you need desperately the protection of their water
A blanket to screen your life a meal for many
The appetite
The hunger which does not discriminate against 
The victim
Roars for your flesh full of omega goodness for sharper eyes
To see you stronger
To see you closer
To hunt you better
And your family
Stay in your schools of fish or risk enrolment 
On the field trip that is fraught with danger 
Detention inside 
The predator’s stomach 
Swim a lap
Down the loops of intestines of food well overdue
The water is salty to marinate
Are the fish my friend