Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hikers of the Savage Inclination

Teenage royalty is always the subject of our admiration
How the youngsters already live better lives than those who nearing death have never
Experienced freedom or affluence ever before
Beg the gods for a better life soon enough before the expiry date
Of your corrupted body 
Power and wealth skip hand in hand down the aisles of cans filled with capitalist turd
Banished from the elite at birth your certificate declares your status immediately
But fear not for there is always the flexibility of socialisation
Ladders are to be climbed either way, anyway  
So watch out for the rails poured in grease from those above
Always wear a helmet for protection; you never know when you’ll need it  
To safeguard ideas worth fortunes to be envied by millionaires
A millionaire is the baby of the billionaire, birthed through the indulgent affair
A sack of bones waiting to sprout into inheritance of Rolex watches
And caviar for breakfast 
Instead of bacon, we on the other hand who sport blazers from op shops
And craft from napkins our pocket squares
Formality depends on diversity to differentiate
Modesty is that which money can never buy and only destroy
The classes of snobbish arrogance are model material for behaviour
You won’t be taught
The sculpted masses of treadmill training, the sweat that hails down like thunderstorms    
A police car reigns utmost on the curb
A dictatorship of sorts recognized by the law for our safety, the trap for poor wheelers
The rules that fail to compel compliance; cooperation is the benefit of the doubt
The smell of petrol has always been sensational
Always slow down at an intersection, you’re in trouble if you don’t know which way 
You ought to give way to
At a roundabout, cars can’t strop beating around the bush
My driving instructor was so fucking awkward all the time and who showed off 
His Bluetooth sunglasses
Or something like that I vaguely remember he bought them for twenty dollars
And was so pissed off when I nearly crashed the car when I forgot to shift the gear
After the three point turn there was serious resentment
But those were the golden days of enduring silence so excruciating it was tempting to break 
The law...
In order to break the ice and let the silence sink through
Driving instructors are so arrogant for no good reason, on the spectrum of plausibility
It’s worth wondering where they fall on those ladders