Sunday, 8 November 2015

Govern Or Mad

The drug-addicted lunatic, the heaviest of them all
Most commonly known as the politician
Found of enlightened ideas
Seems a bit too cynical to create the society
An alleged vision of all citizens
Considered equal
It is rather strange to represent
The people, if not having any sense of direction
Whatsoever, give rise to new ideas and structure
A manifesto to deal with

The peasant’s desire
Concentrate on the concerns
Of the commoners, inspire them to resent against
The opposition
The bastards
Within the week, garner the following
Attacks on nobles for their corruption
The practice of exploiting the lower classes
Draw the tickets to dream again
Draw the boundaries with jargon mostly

The establishment of The Declaration of The Free Peoples
Clause One: Never put up with the crap you’re given
Clause Two: Don’t stir things up.
Clause Three: Don’t seek attention.
Clause Four: Life sucks, we’ll give you that
Clause Five: Never question authority.
Clause Six: Answer to nobody
Clause Seven: Protest at risk of imprisonment.
Clause Eight: The Eighth Clause was never written

They could have sworn he was on something
He never realised his society
But he is much more human now, dead of a heart attack
Amongst those thrilled by the announcement the guy
No, not even a guy, not even a man yet
The poor kid, skinny and frail
Tore up the Declaration and fed his bastard dogs