Monday, 23 November 2015

Flush Your Fears With Fortune Telling

It is quite impossible to always be healthy so perhaps there is a formula
For superior health consult a doctor for diagnosis
Or book a specialist for therapy tailored for specific needs 
For mental healing consult a psychologist
Alternatively there is also the advice to seek a fortuneteller for curiosity and ask them
The dumbest questions
To provoke the seizure that they deserve for being fake bitches and the false readings
They give no shits
Pretend you are actually god and read their palm
Snatch their moon and star galaxy pattern in general tablecloth
Curse generously at their excessive use of
The blue eyeshadow 
How fucking revolting!
Pronounce they will die eventually
Because they will anyway
Cease these circumstances to polish your skill for acting
Prepare for the crying competition
The funeral attendance will always feature an empty seat
For the ghost who is the new friend of the dead person who flies from the seat
Back and fourth to the coffin
There is always enough room at your service
For a man eating a bowl of salad
Inside a classy restaurant
Where water that should always be free is even more expensive
Than the cheapest kind of wine out there
Once my mother almost gave a two pack of wine bottles already opened and consumed to
Our neighbours
Are sick of our singing
But they can’t do anything about it
I was walking in the city when a fella nearly bumped into me
I wasn’t bothered…
But his bowl haircut made me angry 
Why do I have to live in constant fear
Of dropping my phone in the toilet bowl