Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Enthusiastic Invitations to the Cocktail Party

Follow the leader the stranger the better
And render an enemy out of a friend
A soul doctor distributes confetti
For the most destructive form of relationship
People are better as strangers
Befriend the stranger
As you do
As they do
Weave through layers of assiduous control

One-dollar coins 
Gold for what reason unknown
There and there and there and there they are scrambling
Inside the cupboard
Inside the closet
Shine diligently under the sofa
Burning tongues with hot tea
Where the dog sleeps there is no rest
Gracious you will do nothing  
Do nothing at all
For you might never know
Compensation is absolutely offensive

Men fight themselves in mirrors
In the vanity the face is as vicious as the barking dog
Employ balls
Of stainless steel
To fight the terror, the victor, of self-destruction
A man without his helmet
Flees the cocktail party
And stops the music
Champagne bubbles intoxicate the air
A true story if ever told will churn
The stomach of beer guts

And potbellies  
Petty are the discussions
About people
Pity the two punters overcome by emotion
Hidden behind the black sofa
Consuming shiraz cheaper than
The losing ticket
Fear is just another name
We all have our say so think
In war or peace
Silent people are often those the most afraid of silence

When it is noble to forgive
Forgive. Empower your fear
Just look at me
It does not matter if nobody likes your cover photo
On Facebook 
Without the robe and the fur you are
Everybody else
Maybe in another lifetime
We will be what we could
Never become
One life is never enough
To scoop the cow dung from your grave