Saturday, 7 November 2015

Don't Rat On Us

Searching for souls inside empty hallways
Always the mousetrap lying seductively
To the satisfaction of fellow humans
The cheese to cure a disease, have an unwanted guest
Bestow upon the slippery floor, to the satisfaction of mice
A banana trap
Lie innocent to peel from the people
The foul-playing disease
Inside the hallway
War waits patiently
For scraps and scripts from

Modern day Shakespeare
Unfolding drama not by stanzas
But screenplays
Getting drunk on gummy bears to write my damn
Essay, a finished essay should read
As smooth as silk
Don’t trick or treat we are not America
We need to take note of the poison burning
Cowards surf my agenda
Hidden behind the extreme of vice
Summon my mother of pearl to distinguish

Enemy movement
Jealousy should be admitted always or else
It’s ominous
It’s always a longer way down than expected
Never stop living for our children
Tear in the flesh, bed in the garden
Pour questions enough to assume knowledge
Into the real world
Find answers to strengthen your struggle
The turd nugget the douche bag
The enemy moving behind the bush
Where is the fire when needed the most