Saturday, 14 November 2015

Demonstration Superfluous

The seasons of the sun
O glorious sun
On Monday morning the heavens
Tantrum upon the earth
A ceiling of green foliage as under the trees
The leaves fall
For each other
A man weeps
A man prays on his knees
A man shrugs his shoulders
Coughing like mad
An old hag hogging attention with arms swung
So hard
So high
With such vigorous force
It looks as if he wants his limbs to fly from
His frame
Into the branches where the flesh and the leaf
Come braided together a shackle of flesh to leaf ratio to tip the scales
In nature’s favour
We will always die sooner
A man runs a marathon with himself  
A man hopes for the animals to feed on his flesh
Like he has fed on them many times a meal of innocent life 
A ball of fur
A sack of meat
An eyeball, an arm, a tail, a leg
In the submission surrender
We shall
So gracefully
A life to feed a life a little selfish