Monday, 2 November 2015

Boarding on Boredom

Airports for lone company
Disappointed and just as dizzy
Nipples protest cold
Inside tents of cotton cloth
Breathing smoke
Instructions to ride the bus for cheaper
Back to the hotel

An abundance of road rules
Containing incompetence
For blood spills
By the gallon 
Mobile phones without reception
No signal dial again
Hanging up dirty laundry
On dirty people

Change lanes
No signal
White lines to mimic maps
Not for safety where trucks weave ferociously 
Hotels not Californian
Better than expected nevertheless

Never lease a liced bed
Never sleep on the carpet
Jump not
On the bed
But out the balcony
Just joking
Please don’t

Clinic numbers for consultations
And surgery
Dial the first number in the book
And book that 
For tomorrow
When the jet lag
Stops bruising your eye
Sort your luggage for clean underwear
Or wear your pride dirty