Sunday, 15 November 2015

Battleship Casualty

Critical acclaim for the powerful propaganda productions
Mutinies dramatized
Where enlisted men refuse to eat rotten meat 

Infested with maggots and reeking of disease
An uprising triggered by the ship’s
Second in command
Threatening to kill those refusing to consume 
The cowardice of corruption 
Spark spontaneously the resentment towards officers
The loyalty and service of the military on which the monarchy
So heavily relies upon 
To sustain itself
And those superiors of so-called authority
Abusing they do best the human status to conquer
Over the state of humanity
In horror
In hunger they play screeching
Like rats caught in traps
Man-made for man’s peace of mind
Tear a piece of the meat
In solitude plead after the gods of the sea
For poisonous air for the captain to inhale his own death on his own terms  
Create justice 
Strum dramatic sound and heavy instruments 
To capture the tensions, energy, and fanatical atmosphere
In generals
Fill the lungs with poison so rich
To grant the death euphoric
And entry into immediate renascence of euphoria
A sea of sailors in which to bless your birth
Beaten for all kinds of reasons and often
Without complaining compelled to fill the holes of hunger
With rotten biscuits
Stinking decaying meat
While, again, reborn an officer
Fatten your crave with the best food
Roll on down the endless flight of steps
Tripping and trampling
Over dead bodies scattered about
Under your feet
A familiar face to endure your footprint
Your mark on humanity
Will always be as profound as the rolls of fat
Barely tucked under
Your blue jeans