Friday, 30 October 2015

This is not a joke

Corruption is the stocking of a suited man
They play me us the fool
The blazing sun shines on the dumbest one
Never wear the flag
The secret to the genes is in the trousers
I don't want to be filthy rich 
I just need to be rich enough not to worry about the fucking fine
That I just incurred 
While driving 
God knows how rich that'd have to be
But it's enough 
If you ask me 

I would recommend 
Never brush your teeth in the shower
Unless you like diluted toothpaste
Suppress the consequence 
And see to the human trunks without limbs
You’d never say it’s just music to a musician
So why’d you say
It’s just money
To a beggar

A one-man revolution against himself
Bleed yourself dry
Nipples so long they cast their own shadows
Cold shoulders
Cold feet
Cold hands
A cold heart
Cool shades

Palm leaves weeping in the wind
So much pressure so be yourself
Gods and clowns
Gods versus clowns
Round three
Boiling rage
Boiled eggs
Free range
Your children are a measure of time
Signed letters, yours truly

But there is something quite sad
About the sight of a man
Not just a man, but a man eating ice cream
A turd buffet
Ideas will expire depending on context
In high school the teacher said good writers copy
Great writers steal
At university the tutor is threatening  
To slam a penalty if we dare to plagiarize

Wrinkly hands
A parade of five fingers
Only one salutes on centre stage
Nourished in bullets
Pellets and gunfire
What is the forecast for egotistical war
Will it rain casualty
Or confetti

My fingers smell of incense
I guess only janitors can say
Their jobs are shit in a literal sense
A breathing corpse
A creaking chair
Sometimes I am so sad
For no reason at all