Friday, 30 October 2015

The Drama of Karma

Screaming starvation on the streets
Dogmatic diagnosis
A brown leaf brawls against the wind
Crumbling crunches
And withering stems
Waiting on the steps of liberty for kingdoms
Absent of kings

Queens quarrelling
In spits of oblivion
Silver swords reigning toxins 
A heir for a heir
For blood is power
Like smooth like silk

A faceless distraction lingers unknown
Fear not defeat but the poison of words
The slithering of tongues
To slay humanity
So many people for little love
Casting catastrophe
Underlying tragedy

The audience lied to
The audience leaving
Descend the curtains the barriers of secrecy
Blood shedding backwards
A mother’s touch as soft as velvet

Dark is the day of cloudlessness
Dark more the hour
Of aftermath
A projection of expectations
A coat hanger endorsing punishment
Pathetic hope as disguised insanity

Excuses of optimism
Euphemisms for
Ideas inclined to oppression
God’s overthrow
Nature enthroned
Adoring reason, strokes of an ego
A portrait insane

Some were destined for greatness 
Others to observe it
I have some good jokes I want to tell:
Je serai poète et toi poésie
Eu serei poeta e você poesia
But I shall wait to be laughed at harder, and healthier 
I will wait till I am rich