Saturday, 31 October 2015

Party Peacocks

There can only be
One peacock per party
A peacock is cocky
That is a given
Everyone knows
How cocky they are

Stuck up cocks
Never wearing white socks
With formal shoes
Never wears
Brown shoes
With black trousers

But will still strangle
In suspenders
And they never
Wear glasses
Those are a different species of
Party bird
Called nerds

Nerd birds
Live in libraries
Sleep in book beds
With book ends
To stop the peacocks
Pecking their self-esteem
They live many lives
Because they read

Typically they will be
Sipping champagne
In the corner of the room
But leave them alone
In their natural habitats
Or risk them quoting
The Great Gatsby

Peacocks have a distinctive laugh
Almost a roar
Sucking attention
Out of the air
Their tails flair for laughter
They are called peacocks
Because they have
A cock
On their heads