Friday, 30 October 2015


For all the lawyers
Who feel confined
Your job will never be
As exquisite as mine

I am the head of the family
Please note the irony
As I hide my mistress
From the missus

For all the pleasure
The mistress gives me
My wife ruins of it

So I pay for the infidelity
As she pours over me
Buckets and buckets
Of her goddamn misery

I used to be the king
Until along came offspring
I entered marriage
I said ‘Amen’
Just render me single again

I am more of a prisoner
Than I am of freedom
I feed her the lies
She refuses to eat them

Her words are sharp
Just like a knife
Barely can I
Balance this life

I reside in hell
She calls me callous
I deserve it she says
For making her jealous