Friday, 30 October 2015

Mantra of Madness

The chanting of an anthem
Borrowed from unattainable peace
A cloak for vulnerable form
Desperate for warmth
Alarms the atmosphere
In response to a thirst for light

In the confusion
Fatigue falls from the former face
Now a mask
A disguise
An escape
Explosive illusion to be the fool and be made of foolish

Amidst the chaos
Aside the absence of sanity and that of sound
Hosted inside an entity
The forlorn host and the war internal
The bloodshed inwards

An ocean of brutal injustice
To stir inside oneself
Feelings of disgust and utter self-hatred
Loathe the weakness oozing within

Request the ocean’s mercy to be devoured
To cease the suffering 
Of mortal being
Stroll against the tide
The natural instinct to survive

To be 
Their legend of gossip 
From one mouth to another
Slaughter the subject
Curse at the mercy that doesn’t exist