Friday, 30 October 2015

Like Father Like Son

The father in disbelief
Decays on the ground
As the bastard son
Whom once he had found
And whom he nurtured
Ignores his grief
To flee with the love
That he thinks of so sound

As the future foreshadows
His hurt and harm
He pleads with him
Embarrasses him
Tugs at his arm

In the name of patriotism
That once he himself served
That one thinks can be won
He suffers the loss
Of his only good son

He knows not any longer
Of the day and the hour
Relentless headaches
Roam his head
Of the future
He sees, only bitter
And dread

He closes his eyes
And there he sees
His little boy ablaze
In a puddle of blood
A ruthless red sea
He drowns in the flood

He opens his eyes
But there his boy stands
In front of the executioner
With his heart in his hand
He begs in deep sorrow
For his life in the narrow
In hope that his father
Will be here in the morrow