Friday, 30 October 2015

Garden Keepers

Superior minds graded average
My literature teacher
Said he hated the word rubric
Because it was “ugly”
But it couldn’t be an ugly word
Because only the word ugly could be
Real ugly

Cruelty slips of the tongue
Facial furniture
The ferocious rage of a fragile mind
So long, Saigon
Long gone, Saigon
I need to watch more documentaries

Wives and husbands
No children in common
Facial architects feeding off built nations
On flat faces
Narrow noses and thin lips
Think linen

Garden tools for natural hobbies
Skin cancer
Screening suns
Screaming sons
Seeds of infidelity
Of which were bore
Some flowers aren’t pretty

A branch bleeding flowers
Flower bleeding pollen
The bee stings
The bee wins
Then it dies
So on the bee’s grave
We lay down the flowers
The tulips and the lilies
"Rest in peace, Richard. You were so fly."