Saturday, 31 October 2015

Foul ball

Lung cancer
Throat cancer
Bitch cancer
Fuck cancer
What is the difference
It’s still cancer
But not just cancer
Because it’s fucking cancer

Proposer in poverty
Human beings in inverted commas
Read pathetic
Read pathetic, again
First you swallow the dust
Then it swallows you

If a tree can afford
The loss of a branch or a leaf
Then you as well
Can endure the loss of a friend
Or eight
Sometimes a stranger is nicer than a friend
And that is why you shouldn’t befriend them
Because they’ll never be
That nice again

Perhaps people buy fake flowers
Because they want a permanent solution
In school they said I had doctor’s handwriting
But I turned out to be a piece of shit
A stinking turd
But kind of intelligent
If women could read minds
You would be dead
Ten times over

Reckon yourself the artist
And dare to bare your freaking soul
Hardcore humour
Morons in the making
Two on the mattress, throw in the sheets
Turn off the heater o they’ll burn in the heat

Basketball courts played on by eunuchs
This is the perfect opportunity to make a joke
About their balls or lack thereof
About their testicles
Which were cut off
But it is gross
And would have been a bloody foul