Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dinner For Two

Light green or dark green
Fickle is nature the fickle nature
Scrunch the spines of every leaf and soak your thumbs 
In emerald juice
A bird of paradise is burning in hell

Early schedules descend in flight
A conflict with storming clouds 
Severe floating features frequent announcements of
Incoming turbulence
The heat over here is just too much to bear

First you learn suffering followed by that it remains
You skip class. You flee school
But outside the world will teach the same
It mightn’t sound as the most pleasant
So learn to ease yourself

Of questioning
Jet lags
So cold shower
Worn jeans under angry suns
Enjoy the burden of sweat and odour
The painful excessive attachment of cloth to skin

Ramshackle suburban house contrast that against huts of hay
Immersed in poverty
Poor but proud
A dollar a day
Forbid we fall ill

Living standards that quiver the appetite
Lunch over for more life
The rhythm and smell of floating incense
To soothe the soul
Like Vaseline

A hungry man with a fed up look
Plucks at something on the ground
Reserves you a seat
In case you want
To feast on hearts of pedestrians